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  • François  Leslé
    François Leslé

    François joined the Relay France division of Lagardère Services in 2002, then moved to the head office of the holding company in 2005 as Financial Analyst. He joined LMPI in 2008 as VP, Operations, Finance & IT. François equally oversees the 3rd Party Logistics development and Strategy within LS Distribution North America new organization. He actively participated to the acquisitions of Euro-Excellence in 2011 and Crossings Fine Food in 2012. He was appointed as CEO of LSDNA in April 2013.

    514.355.5674 ext.250
  • Philippe Mancini
    Philippe Mancini
    Vice-President Finance & Technology

    Philippe joined the LS Distribution North America Group in 2014 and serves as Vice President Finance & Technology. He spent ten years a leader in consulting services of KPMG. Its dynamism, its business vision, and experience in several business transformation programs, and digitizing processes are key asset to meet the challenges of the group.

    Tel: 514.355.5674 ext.209
  • Martin  McEwen
    Martin McEwen
    Vice-President Executive, Press

    Martin’s exposure to press markets around the world and the trials related to bringing that product to Canada has given him a broad perspective on newsstand and circulation challenges. With a background in advertising, communications and database marketing, Martin joined LMPI in 2002 as Product Manager and evolved within the company having held a variety of positions in the both sales and marketing prior to his current standing.

    514.355.5674 ext.234
  • Arlinda Abazi
    Arlinda Abazi
    Vice-President, Sales & Marketing, Euro-Excellence

    With an extensive experience in sales and marketing for different FMCG companies, Arlinda joined LS-DNA in 2014 to help the company reinvent itself and diversify its activities out of press.

    514.355.5674 ext.348
  • Annie Gagnon
    Annie Gagnon
    Human Resources Director

    Annie came on board at LSDNA in 2009 with extensive experience in staffing, for a leader in telecommunications as well as a company in the pulp and paper industry. Since joining the team her mission has been to promote the values of the company to all employees and increase the sense of belonging for everyone by encouraging all to surpass their professional goals.

    514.355.5674 ext.283
  • Antoinette  Lizzi
    Antoinette Lizzi
    Vice-President Finance project

    Tel: 514.355.5674 ext.276
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