Company description

LS Distribution Logistics, a 3PL division of LS Distribution North America

With more than 40 years of experience in international logistics, LS Distribution Logistics is a 3PL platform based in Montreal, a unique gateway to North America for Canadian and foreign companies looking to establish or expand their operations in this market. By choosing us, these companies benefit from significant economies of scale, thanks to resource sharing among our partners.

Over the years, LS Distribution Logistics has developed an innovative approach to 3PL that aims to better meet the sub-contracting needs of our clients by offering high-quality customized services. Our team of logistics experts are always looking for new ways to do business and optimize operations for our partners, enabling them to improve their performance.

« Logistical service provider offering customized services, your partner of choice to assist you in the development of your business »

Through a representative dedicated to their account, all our customers benefit from a single point of contact with our company. We provide equally top-notch service to our key accounts as to our small business customers, with whom we are proud to be a partner in growth.

LS Distribution Logistics today serves B2B and B2C clients across Canada in industries as varied as media, marketing, mail order sales, e-commerce, retail, optics and cosmetics. Our Montreal-based logistics hub, where orders are processed, ships more than 100,000 deliveries per week to destinations throughout Canada and the U.S.

To help keep us growing, we are proud to rely on a special partnership with both Canada Post and Purolator Courier.

Key contact

Aminata LY
Responsible for marketing activity and customers experience
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